Market in Sikasso, Mali
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

There are many great places to visit in Mali. You can go to Bamako which is the capital, or to Mopti which is dubbed as the Venice of Mali. Aside from these places, you should also check out Sikasso, Mali. This place is located in the south area of the country.

There are many people who go to Sikasso, but there are three main tribes that dominate the population, namely, Senoufo, Samago, and Bambara. These three tribes are famous for different things. For example, the Senoufo group wear masks and worship animals, while the Samago and Bambara are known as great farmers. Sikasso is probably the least dry place in Mali, which is why they always have a bountiful harvest of local fruits and vegetables.

There are many tourist destinations in Sikasso, most of them are natural. If you want o experience nature at its best, you should check out the Mamelon Hill, the Faraco Falls, and the Caves of Missirico. Pick the one that you like best or visit all three. Aside from these great natural spots, you can also visit the Palace of Keletigui Kurouma and Misiri Koro. Misir Koro is a very interesting mosque because it is used for doing religious sacrifices and rituals.

Aside from these places, you should also not miss the Triangle du Balafon Festival which is held in June. The festival showcases different cultural aspects of Sikasso, Mali, especially Malian music.

Fortunately, it is very easy to get around the city because they have buses and taxis. The place is also near Timbuktu, another popular place in Mali which is the center of economy and culture in Mali.

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