Peles’ Castle
Photo by: jtriefen, Creative Commons

Home to bears and great castles, Sinaia Romania is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist resorts and small towns on the Prahova Valley. As it is the town where the Romanian Royal Family spent a lot of time, it’s no surprise why it’s a place of several important landmarks with the Peles Castle being the most well-known, and also great hiking zones, tall mountains, rich forests, very elegant houses, hotels, casino, shops and monasteries. Sinaia has a memorial house of George Enescu, a very important composer from Romania.

The Railway Station of Sinaia is a great tourist attraction. Done in Romanian style, it is considered by many as a real work of art. Being the first ever built in the town, inside you can see a great mural painting of a boar hunt.

The Sinaia Monastery is another popular attraction in the town, originally from the name Mount of Sinai, which inspired its construction. It is a grand and beautiful place of worship that practically resembles a Cathedral. It started out with only 12 monks inside and it wasn’t just a sacred place then but also a fortress that protected the trading route nearby.

The Peles Castle is something to behold as it is the symbol of Sinaia itself. It’s the property of the Royal Family and one of the most popular objectives of treasure not just in Romania but in all of Europe.

It’s fun to tour in Sinaia because it has a sub-Alpine climate and well-preserved nature. Other tourist destinations to be visited include the George Enescu Museum, the Monte Carlo Casino, and the Bucegi Museum, which displays a complete image of flora and fauna from the great Bucegi Mountains.

Festivals such as the classic guitar contest, the Autumn Festival, and the International Violin Competition, are also to look out for.

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