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Sinpo in North Korea: Of Wildlife and Cool Weather

In North Korea, there are many cities that are near water. One of these cities is Sinpo. It is a port city located near the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Sinpo became popular because Kumho-ri, a place in the city where the project site for the new atomic parts by KEDO (which stands for Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization.) However, in 1994, Korea agreed to freeze its nuclear program in exchange pressurized water reactors and oil fuel.

The climate in Sinpo is dry and much cooler compared to Seoul and Pyongyang during the summer period. Winters are moderated by its location being near the ocean, particularly the Sea of Japan. It is very rural and has a wide variety of wildlife that includes rabbits, deers, and fishes. Much of the area is sand and pines.

If you want to visit Sinpo, it is good to know that there are many different hotels near the city that you can choose from. The hotels are located in cities near Sinpo like Changchun and Shenyang. Upon your visit to Sinpo, you can also go over these beautiful cities and look for beautiful destinations like the Murduk palace in Shenyang.

Sinpo is very close to China. You will realize that most of the airports and hotels that you can choose in vacationing to Sinpo are in close proximity with China.

Since Sinpo has been widely popular in because of nuclear site in Kumho-ri, it is a good idea to try and visit this area. Through this, you will be able to familiarize yourself with Sinpo and its history.

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