Skiathos harbour in Greece
Photo by: dantaylor , Creative Commons

At first glance, this city, which is located on an island with the same name, looks just like any other part of Greece with its Mediterranean vibe and amazingly warm weather. However, in recent years the island has gained a massive surge in popularity because of being portrayed in the movie “Mama Mia,” starring Meryl Streep. Many people have come to this small island to look for those special scenic spots without spending a lot of time exploring the town itself. Take a look at the amenities and attractions that the town of Skiathos, Greece has to offer.

Since the town of Skiathos is the main point of reference to the more rural and secluded parts of the island, it has the main harbor which is surrounded by stores, shops, boutiques and many other establishments that tourists will enjoy visiting. This harbor also has many ferries that offer tourists the chance to cruise around the island at their own pace. Families can enjoy lively daytime cruises while couples and honeymooners can take advantage of the more romantic sunset and moonlight trips around the island.

The beach is never too far from the town itself. Because of this strategic location, Skiathos, Greece features many types of accommodations to suit every budget and every lifestyle. From the higher end resorts to the more adventurous beach camp sites on the Koukounaries Beach, travelers are surely spoiled for choices.

Exploring the town proper is also a breeze because of an efficient and reliable bus route on the main road which runs at regular intervals of twenty minutes. Plus, there are plenty of scooters, motorcycles, mopeds and cars that travelers can rent for affordable rates.

After all that exploring, people can delight in the wide array of local cuisine offered at traditional Greek taverns in the area. There is the popular Tavern Varthalamis located just behind the harbor and the Messogia Tavern tucked away in the back streets for those who are in the mood for more exploration.

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