The Archaeological Museum of Sofia, Bulgaria
Photo by: klearchos , Creative Commons

A leisure trip to Sofia, Bulgaria can be an enriching and rewarding experience for many travelers.

If you’re heading to Bulgaria, the first city you must visit is Sofia. This city, which was founded thousands of years ago, is the cultural, economic, and political hub of Bulgaria.

Sofia exudes a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle, yet it offers a relaxed feel to its visitors because it is close to Mount Vitosha, where outdoor activities and opportunities are abound. For many years, the major attractions in the city are its hot springs that offer therapeutic and relaxing benefits to everyone.

Tourists flock to Sofia for sightseeing and being inspired by Bulgaria’s rich culture and history. The city is overflowing with attractions, such as museums and art galleries that seem to narrate Bulgarian history for the thousands of visitors. Sofia is a city of archeological wealth, ancient Byzantine structures, neo-classical Stalinist architecture, mineral baths, and monuments. In particular, this Bulgarian capital is a must see for any traveler who wants to get a feel of how Eastern Europe had retained its elegance after freeing itself from the chains of Communism.

Sofia’s street life is just as interesting. You can explore its lively streets lined with bustling bazaars and shops, alfresco cafes, boutiques, flower shops, rattling trolley cars, and street performers.

Fall, spring, and summer are the best times to visit Sofia because of the beautiful weather. But if you are after winter sports such as ice-skating and ice skiing, then it is best to visit the city during the winter when the mountain slopes are all covered in snow.

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