US Soldiers in Afghanistan
Photo by: soldiersmediacenter, Creative Commons

Afghanistan is country with a rich history. Today, it remains as a nation of who wants peace. But despite the chaos and uncouth talks about this country, there are still many wonders that people should see, and that include a visit at one of its towns, Sor, Afghanistan.

Tourists will be amazed on some of the scenic spots that can be seen in this place. There is a good blend of history and modern living that can be sensed here, and the smiles of people, who are victims of war, are even more captivating despite the pain endured by the nation.

In Sor, Afghanistan you will see a lot of nature’s masterpieces. There are caves that boast brilliant rock formations, and there are cliffs that have dramatic cuts on their edges. Aside from these, you can also visit mosques that date back for a couple of centuries. There is also a huge market place, where you can purchase embroidered cloths, carpets, potteries, jewelries, precious stones, and Turkmen hats.

There are some activities that you can take pleasure in. You can opt for an hour of camel ride around the marketplace, or you can do some pottery-making. Night parties may not be as festive as other tourist spots, like in the Caribbean, but you can still enjoy a quality time of beer cheers together with your friends.

The dining experience at Sor, Afghanistan is also remarkable. Here, you will mostly taste spicy foods that will excite your appetite. You can also have a taste of their famous bread, called Naan, and their delicious soup, called Shorma. Moreover, there are also some seasonal fruits to complete your dinner, such as melons, grapes, pomegranate, and oranges.

These are too much for a place that has been seriously affected by war, and these wonders will definitely make the town stand proud once again to tourist, like you, who will be visiting the place.

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