Sosua, Dominican Republic
Photo by: COCO MARIPOSA, Creative Commons

Sosua is a place to visit for tourists looking for a quality vacation and people seeking adventure around the beach. It is situated in the central part of the North Coast, which makes it close to other popular destinations. Tourists can explore these places without a guide or they can join an excursion. It is also not hard to find good hotels and all-inclusive beach resorts.

It is safe to say that Sosua is the birthplace of tourism for the Dominican Republic dating back to the ‘70s and ‘80s. Despite efforts to develop the area, it was able to maintain its local charm with the concentration of shops and restaurants in the Batey area of the town. Some visitors whose initial intention of first coming here for a holiday became enamoured by the place and have since moved there to build communities and businesses. Among them, people from North America and Europe can be seen mingling like locals all year round. Tourist flock to Sosua Beach which stretches one kilometre long, to enjoy the pristine sand and the golden sun. The spectacular view is to be considered one of the best in the Dominican Republic.

The first settlers of Sosua were the 600 Jewish refugees who escaped from Second World War and built a dairy community in the town. Because of this, the town of Sosua came to life and soon became the home of the wealthy people from neighbouring towns. A large number of the original settlers are already gone but the dairy factory remains. This is where Productos Sosua is sourced and it is now owned by a Mexican multinational. There’s the Sosua Synagogue which houses photos and memorabilia of the original settlers. Jewish services are also held there.

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