Statue of Angel in Spa, Belgium
Photo by: frank-wouters, Creative Commons

Many people go to spas for relaxation. Modern spas give you body massages and provide you with relaxation techniques. But do you have any idea how this term was coined?

As early as the 14th century, people have already been relaxing in this municipality found in Belgium called Spa. Often regarded to as the Water City, it has been providing comfort for many people, local and foreign alike. Its name was derived from the word “espa” which means spring or fountain. Spas have healing hot springs that people believed would free them from illnesses. Some also contain mineral water, which is sometimes bottled and sold.

The town is also known today as the home for Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. This is the race track venue that hosts the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium and the Spa 24 Hours endurance race. Even the Volkswagen club event is hosted here too. Over the years, it has been modified until it acquired the modern layout that it has today.

Another landmark in Spa is this Pouhon Pierre le Grand. This structure was built by Victor Besme in the year 1880. It houses one of the oldest springs of the town. Numerous tourists visit this attraction to taste its sparkling water.

Spa has a casino which they call La Redoute. It has many slot machines and the Belgian poker championship is hosted here.

Ville d’Eaux Museum is also found in Spa, which used to be the mansion of a Belgian queen. It displays a wide collection of paintings, engravings and other artwork that show the history of Spa and its people.

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