Split bayside
Photo by: lyng883, Creative Commons

Located in Central Dalmatia, the beautiful city of Split, Croatia is one of the most frequented places by tourists in the country because of the many sites that it has to offer. It is a city rich in art and history and a perfect venue for a laidback vacation of family and friends.

A former Roman city, Split was built around the palace that was intended for Emperor Diocletian of Rome. It used to be a refuge of locals back in the olden days. Today the ancient walls and temples are still visible to local tourists, adding more historical value to the entire city.

Visitors from other countries may reach Split, through the Split Airport, which, incidentally, is the second most important airport in Croatia, only next to the Zagreb Airport. There are flight schedules to and from major cities in Europe as well as charter flights to more countries during summer.

In going around the city, tourists may take the bus or taxis, which are abundant. There is also a train line, whose station is located right at the center of the city. The local boats at the port, on the other hand, will take you to other beautiful locations in Croatia, like Brac, Solta, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo and Korcula.

Split has many museums that showcase the city’s rich history. One of these is the Diocletian Palace, which is right at the heart of the city. Declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site, this palace-museum is adorned with renaissance and gothic structures that are silent witnesses to the events that took place within its walls centuries ago.

Aside from museums, churches and cathedrals in Split also display the high artistic and historical value of the city. St. Duje’s Cathedral, for one, exhibits a nice blend of a Catholic church and a Roman temple. Built in 305 AD, this cathedral was meant to be a mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian. It has a bell tower that will give you a magnificent view of the whole city as well as of adjacent islands and the Mejan hill.

Split is in itself a whole museum of Roman art and history, which tourists, both local and foreign, will definitely enjoy. The next time you plan a trip to Croatia, make sure that you stop by this beautiful city.

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