St. Julian’s

Birds eye-view of St. Julian’s
Photo by: tonync, Creative Commons

If you are looking for a nice vacation where you can enjoy the liveliest beach, then St. Julian’s is the place that you have to be. It is a popular town for tourist where you can find the highest concentration of bars and clubs.

From being a small fishing village, St. Julian’s has become a lively tourist destination in Malta.

The warmest months are from July to September which is also the best time to come for a vacation. This way, you will be able to enjoy the beach and the sun. There are short periods of rainfall and is usually cooler in the winter.


When it comes to dining, here are some of the restaurants that you can visit in St. Julian’s.

1. La Maltija Restaurant This is a charming restaurant that offers traditional Maltese food. As a first class restaurant, the La Maltija boasts of an exceptional range of dishes as well as a wine cellar that offers the best local wines from Malta, as well as those that came from France, Africa, and Italy.

2. Café Juliani This café is located in the Hotel Juliani and offers a view of the Spinola bay. If you want to enjoy a cozy meal at any time of the day, the Café Juliani is the ideal place for just that. The menu offers quick, healthy, and fresh foods all through out the day.

3. Blue Elephant This restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine and guarantees a pleasurable visit. It promises to give you a taste of Eastern cuisine and the ambiance of one, too.

4. Barracuda Restaurant This restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes and is located in shorelines of St. Julian’s. It has a very elegant surrounding and promises to satisfy your craving for good food and fine dining.


Although there are no sandy beaches in St. Julian’s, you can still try and visit the Reef Club at the Westin Dragonara Resort. This is a beach lido that is open to visitors during the summer. You can enjoy the sun and the amenities by paying a daily or seasonal fee. The view is relaxing and beautiful and a wide range of summer drinks are offered from the bar.


You can try doing some sports and enjoy the night out in St. Julian’s. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the activities that you can try to get into while in St. Julian’s. As for the evenings, there are two major areas that you can go to. One is along the seafront of St. Julian’s and the other is in Paceville. There are quite a number of bars in the area where you can enjoy from the lively atmosphere.


While in St. Julian’s, you can also visit these places:

1. Paceville This is the nightlife capital of Malta. It is very much a resort area that has many restaurants, bars, and clubs.

2. St. George’s Bay This is the place where you can enjoy sightseeing and relaxation in the morning. At night, it is frequented by many people who want to sit and relax on the shore.

3. The Spinola Bay This is considered as one of the most romantic bays in Malta. It also has some restaurants and bars alongside of it. An evening visit to the Spinola Bay can prove to be a therapeutic idea.

4. Portomaso This is a unique waterfront area with a yacht marina. With a great view and a number of establishments to visit, it is a must that you see this area while in St. Julian’s.

5. The Millennium Chapel If you need a moment of silence and want to sit in prayer, the chapel is a place where you can enjoy the peace and the quiet in Paceville.

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