Star Dorjan

Dorjan Lake
Photo by: Ukulelea, Creative Commons

Dojran is a community situated around the Dojran lake. Mostly, people who live here are fishermen who found a conducive community beside their means of livelihood. But Dojran is actually divided into two settlements: Nov Dojran or the new settlement, and Star Dojran or the old settlement. Star Dojran has been a particular favorite among tourists because of its scenic tourist spots and its local restaurants.

Going to Star Dojran should not be a problem because it can be reached by taking a train ride from the capital. People in Macedonia are very friendly so if in case you were lost, all you need to do is to ask them for instructions on how to reach the place you want to reach.

Being a Mediterranean country, Star Dojran has a warm climate. People enjoy how accommodations in Star Dojran are priced cheaply. For only 100€ you can already spend a good night’s sleep at Villa Dojrana. This is also a good come on for tourists who stay longer in Star Dojran because of the cheap accommodations.

Like other cities in Macedonia, Star Dojran also has a flourishing night life. Alcoholic beverages range from beer and brandy to expensive wines and can be bought per bottle or per glass. This is also a form of socialization, time for meeting new friends. And of course, parties and all-night long dancing I part of bar hopping so remember to bring a comfortable pair of footwear for this activity. Visit Star Dojran and see what more it is has to offer you.

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