Stavenger, a nice quiet stroll through town.
Photo by: jcorrius, Creative Commons

What Stavanger, Norway offers is a unique environment that will try to recapture your mood. It is not only a city that promises you with some relief from your daily stresses, but also a significant lesson for you to value. It is indeed a place for respite and rediscovery that you should not fail to experience in your life.

There are great sites to see, more adventures to do, and luscious food to taste in this city. You will never regret visiting this place because it offers everything that you need to enjoy life at its fullest.

Stavanger, Norway brags its majestic landmarks. Some of the fascinating spots you can visit are the Bjergsted Park, Valbergtarn, Municipal Museum, and Byhaugen.

Bjergsted Park

This park is a perfect dating place, because of its romantic ambiance. You can eat some fine finger-foods and listen to concerts that are provided for free. It’s a lovers’ haven, at the same time a musical paradise.


If you want to experience medieval times, you should visit this place and see for yourself a historical watch tower. Moreover, this place provides a perfect getaway for art geeks because there are large art exhibits around here.

Municipal Museum

To rediscover the culture of Norway, this is the perfect place for you to learn more about it. It houses the oldest human remains in the country, as well as many antique wares and ship parts.


This building serves both as an apartment and a tourist spot. It boasts its majestic architectural design and its ideal location in the heart of Stavanger, Norway.

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