Wine tasting stop in Stellenbosch
Photo by: g-hat, Creative Commons

Stellenbosch, South Africa is a town in close proximity to the historical city of Cape Town. Next to Cape Town, Stellenbosch is oldest European settlement in the province. This is town was founded by the Dutchman Simon Van der Stel, the first Commander and the last Governor of the Cape Colony. The town is currently part of the greater metro area of Cape Town.

Stellenbosch is famously known for the numerous oak trees planted Van der Stel, so much so that it is known as the City of Oaks. Like in Cape Town, the climate in Stellenbosch is Mediterranean, with dry summers and cool, rainy winters. Because of the many Oak trees, the air here is fresh. Pollution from metropolitan Cape Town hardly reaches the town because the strong southeast winds (called Cape Doctor) along the cape clean the air and blows the pollution away.

Stellenbosch is a very simple town. But one industry it is famous for is winemaking. The town’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for winemaking. And moreover, the town is situated in an area where rich soil is abundant− on the foot of the Cape Fold mountain range. On the outskirts of Stellenbosch, there are numerous vineyards. The most famous wine Stellenbosch produces is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is starting to gain fame across the world’s wine community.

Stellenbosch is a great place to visit for nature lovers. There are so many places to discover. The flora here is majestic. Nature trailers can trek the many corners of the Papegaaiberg or the Parrot Mountain, the Stellenbosch Mountain, Simonsberg or Simon’s Mountain, Jonkershoek Mountains and the Great Drakenstein Mountains. Daredevils can try to scale the highest mountain points in town: Victoria Peak, at 1,600 meters; and Die Tweeling Pieke or The Twin Peaks, at 1,500 meters.

The town of Stellenbosch is a very humble place. It is quite as compared to its neighbor, Cape Town. But here, the epitome of simple South African living is seen and there’s always beauty in simplicity. Stellenbosch is just one of the many lush landscapes of South Africa.

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