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The capital of Sweden remains one of the most visited places in the world. Stockholm’s reputation as being the finest city on earth is only exceeded by its beauty. Rich in culture Stockholm boasts some of the most popular museums and art collections in the world. Tourists also flock to Stockholm to see its pristine waters and large nature parks. Stockholm is truly one of the finest places in the world.

Stockholm’s archipelago is made up of fourteen islands connected by several different bridges. The Royal Palace of Stockholm is the Buckingham palace of Sweden and is the official home to the Swedish Monarchy.

The very center of Stockholm is the Gamla Stan (Old Town). It is the oldest city of Stockholm. You will feel as if you’ve gone back in time as the streets still have its original medieval set up. There you will find famous landmarks such as the Riddarhuset, which is the house of nobility and the Bonde Palace which still stands today despite being built during the era of the Swedish Empire.

The Riddarholmen Church can be found on the island of Riddarholmen. It is one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm. Some of its parts date back to the 13th century. The beautiful spires that sit atop of the church can be seen from a distance.

True to being a city rich in culture and the arts, even the train station is used to exhibit the archipelago’s beauty and grandeur. The Stockholm Metro Station is one of kind boasting 110 kilometers of art. The destination is hardly as fun as the journey when the station itself is turned into a museum. Everything from murals, to sculptures, to paintings is plastered all over the place.

If you’re tired of the man made wonders then you can indulge yourself in the wonders of the clear lakes that surround the islands. Lake Malaren is one of such lakes where you can fish or swim. Its fresh water is reminiscent of the beautiful lakes found in fantasy films.

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