Stockholm City, Sweden
Photo by: Tyler Durden , Creative Commons

Fourteen small islands make up the city of Stockholm, which is the capital city of Sweden. One of the most spacious and airy cities, Stockholm is known to have the largest Royal Palace in Europe. The city also has a large number of museums. Stockholm is also well-known for its beautiful architecture. Tourists are sure to have the most wonderful time here.

The city caters to the taste of both old and the new. While those interested in the history and architecture can visit the city’s palace and numerous museums. For those who want to experience the vibrant young life of Stockholm can do so too. But the Skargarden or the Stockholm Archipelago fascinates one and all. It comprises of an astounding 24,000 islands, islets, and rocks. The Stockholm archipelago is indeed, one of the most beautiful in the world. If you want a closer look, you can take one of the several ferry lines that will give you a tour of the archipelago.

The Gamla Stan is also of immense interest. Known as the Old Town, it is located right in the heart of the city. The exquisite old area of Stockholm has been preserved very well. You can visit the Noble Museum here. The best way to explore this area is to do it on foot. But while you tour the Gamla Stan on foot, do not tire yourself too soon because you are yet to visit the colossal Kungliga Slottet or the Royal Palace. It is situated near the Old Town area of Stockholm. A ticket to the Royal Palace will give you access to the Royal Apartments, the Treasury, the Tre Kronor Museum, and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

The next destination is sure to excite the youngsters and will definitely amaze the older generation. Part of the Nordic Sea Hotel, the Absolut IceBar maintains a degree of minus five throughout the year. If that is not exciting enough for you, then the fact that drinks here are served in glass-sized hollow ice cubes will definitely blow you away. The bar table is made of a clear ice block, while the tables and chairs inside are made of ice harvested from the River Torne. So, if water is on your mind after a visit to the Absolut IceBar, what better place to head to than the Vasa Museum. This Museum dedicated to a 17th century warship called Vasa. The Vasa spent 333 years of its life on the mud bed of the Stockholm Harbor. The ship was raised from the mud floor in the year 1961 and then housed in one of the buildings in Stockholm.

The city of Stockholm has been built on water. Therefore, it is a treat for all lovers of water-sports. You can rent a kayak from the city and go kayaking around the main islands that form Stockholm.

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