Overlooking the beautiful city of Sucre, Bolivia.

Photo by: neilspicys, Creative Commons

Sucre, Boliva is also known in 3 other names including Ciudad Blanca, La Plata, and Charcas. It is a rich city with a diversified history. UNESCO considered Sucre as a World Heritage Site with its wealthy historical architecture.

Sucre is inhabited with large population of indigenous people who preserve their customs and culture. These people market their goods and crafts in fairs. Sucre is also considered a prime spot for agriculture and mining. It also has a cement plant and oil refinery.

If you are planning to visit or tour Sucre, Bolivia, you should be familiar with its main attractions including the following:

• Museo de la Recoleta – This main attraction is a 4-in-1 complex as it served as a prison, museum, convent, and barracks between 1601 and 1613. Currently, it is a museum containing paintings dating back to 16th – 20th centuries. It includes the works of Juán Pérez Villareal and Diego Quispe Curo.
• Museo de Charcas – This museum exhibits handcrafted furniture made by native Indians and the paintings of Melchor Pérez de Holguín.
• Museo del Arte Moderno – This museum exhibits Bolivian sculptures and paintings of the modern times.
• Casa de la Libertad – Located in the main plaza, this house contains portraits of military decorations, presidents, and documents of the Declaration of Independence. Consequently, it is the location where such Declaration was signed in 1825.
• Biblioteca Nacional de Bolivia: Archivo Nacional – This main attraction contains the documents of Audiencia de Charcas as well as those dating back to 16th – 20th centuries.

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