Sun City

Crocs in Sun City, South Africa
Photo by: ignatius.., Creative Commons

If you want to have a posh South African holiday, the best place to go to is Sun City, South Africa. Sun City is the most premier resort in the country. The resort is known as a popular celebrity destination. A lot of famous musicians have also performed in the Sun City Super Bowl, including Queen, Tina Turner, Ray Charles and Elton John. This place is a definite must-see for anyone who is planning a South African getaway.

Sun City is in the heart of South Africa’s North West province and is a short distance away from metropolitan Johannesburg. Sun City is actually one big complex. Inside it is the Sun City Hotel, the Cascades Hotel, the Cabanas and the Palace of the Lost City. Here, guests can enjoy a grand 18-hole golf course, with real Nile crocodiles wading in the waters of the 13th hole.

Sun City is beautifully designed to give a very indigenous African feel while at the convenience of modern facilities. The hotels look more like castles than buildings, and the lush green backdrop the rich forest provides enhances the resort’s aesthetic. The resort was touted “Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure.”

Here, you can enjoy many things. One very popular destination is the Valley of Waves. This is a man-made beach water park inside the resort. It is basically a large lagoon with a golden white sand beach. Beneath the water, there is a wave machine that generates waves every 1.5 minutes.

You can also try many water and sports activities in the Sun City. Sports you can participate in while here are tennis, golf, swimming, mountain biking and horseback riding. Water sports available here are water skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and para-sailing. Moreover, there is also the Sun City Gym and Heath Spa, where you can keep in shape while vacationing.

Sun City is a great place to visit. It is South Africa’s most posh and exclusive resort. Here, there’s an activity for everyone. Sun City is definitely worth every penny. Experience South Africa in Sun City; it’s simply the best.

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