Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
Photo by: Enid Yu, Creative Commons

Crystal clear water and emerald green surroundings, exotic local foods and mouth watering cuisines: these and many more are what best describe Taipei’s largest lake, the Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is located in the Nantou County’s Yuchih Township center of Taiwan. The alpine beauty of this lake never fails to capture the heart of its visitors. The lake’s cozy ambiance and its tranquil appearance are known to bring calmness and a state of being at peace.

Many local citizens visit this place usually for recreation. Its 760 meter elevation helps give a clearly defined view of the mountain and the emerald beauty of the lake. The beauty of the Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan is very undeniable regardless whether it is day or night. There are also lots of physical activities that can be done here.

• Being surrounded by green pristine mountains, the Sun Moon Lake is good for hiking activities. There are several trails that are currently available.
• The Hanbi Palace, which used to be a restricted area where the late president Chiang Kai-Shek stayed, is also one of Sun Moon Lake’s historical places. Today, the Hanbi Palace is now serving the area as a Hotel.
• The Wenbu Temple is also worth visiting in Sun Moon. This temple was built in 1938 but was rebuilt in 1969 into the style that can be seen today. Many people come here to worship Confucius, Guangong and Yuehfei who are locally known as the martial gods.
• The Peacock garden in Sun Moon Lake is home to more than 200 peacocks and is also one of the most frequently visited by local and foreign people. The park does not charge any fee to enter. Aside from Peacocks, there is also a butterfly garden where butterflies are kept to breed.

There are many more attractions that can be found in Sun Moon Lake, it is perfect getaway for nature lovers.

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