Southern Tyre
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Sur is more than just another city. It was built on a rock, which makes it a popular city because of its so-called “tough foundation”. It was mentioned in different works of literature, specifically in Roman Mythology. Moreover, this place has a well-known reputation in the pages of the bible, because it was frequently mentioned in the Old Testament.

The city is very much preoccupied with trade industry. On its narrow streets, you can find several merchants selling various kinds of goods, such as carpets, gold jewelries, potteries, and textiles. There are also some stores that sell Arab paintings and small souvenir items.

The city is also overflowing with delectable Lebanese dishes. Some of these include the Baba Ghanouj, which is a char-grilled eggplant; Kunafi, a pastry that looks like a shoelace and it is stuffed with white cheese and nuts; Labneh, which is a strained yogurt and it taste best when garnished with sea salt.

Aside from these appetizers and main courses, Sur is proud of its beverages. Arak, Jayab, and Almaza beer are some of the best tasting beverages to name a few.

Must-see places

If you are planning a trip to this culturally-rich city, one of the best sites to include in your itinerary is the Al Mina excavation site. There you will be amazed with the ruins of an ancient theatre and the Palaestra columns.

The Tyre Harbour is also a tourist spot that offers a breathtaking view of the urban side of the city. At the south, you can enjoy a clear view of the sunset at the bay while enjoying your time with your family or a loved one.

The Roman Hippodrome is a magnificent ancient arc that welcomes visitors with glee. It is a UNESCO world heritage site that the city of Sur is truly proud of.

Sur is one spot that you can truly spend some quality time, and getting lost in this marvellous city will definitely be a valuable memory to treasure.

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