Surabaya mist
Photo by: A., Creative Commons

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. The city is as busy as Jakarta, since it is a major commercial center for ingoing and outgoing ships at its port. Oftentimes, a lot of tourists visit Surabaya because it is located between Jakarta and Bali; when tourists go for either Bali or Jakarta, passing through this city is a part of their route and a great opportunity to explore. You can find a lot of deals in Surabaya.

Upon visiting Surabaya, you’ll be impressed of its mix of cultural themes in the city’s overall structure. It is home for Chinese, Arabians and European cultures; that’s why there are many structures in the city that are influenced by the mixed inspirations from different nations. A great example of this mix influences is the Cheng Hoo Mosque. It is a holy place for a lot of Muslims, but the outside structure of the mosque is in Chinese style of architecture. Furthermore, Surabaya also has amusement themes and parks that are worth visiting of. This includes Surabaya Plaza, Bonbin Surabaya, Surabaya Town Square and Surabaya Zoo.

A lot of visitors also enjoy the night life at Surabaya. There are bars, karaoke and pubs in abundance. In terms of food, Surabaya is home to native cuisines which are available in numerous restaurants in the city. On the other hand, historical landmarks are also great destinations that include the Permuda Hall, International buildings and discotheques.

When you arive at Surabaya, take time to roam around the city. Be delighted with the mixed architectural styles of many old infrastructures in it. Shopping is also a common task for many tourists as there are a lot of textile shops in the city which are common must-buy items for tourists. Moreover, don’t forget to visit the Cathedral of Surabaya as you can be amazed of the church’s superb European style of architecture. Masses are usually held in it especially every Sundays. So whenever you are on your way to either Jakarta or Bali, enjoy having an unexpected trip at Surabaya!

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