Surat Thani

Surat Thani Airport
Photo by: Rudolf Stricker, Creative Commons

Thailand, an independent country, is a City of Good People which they dubbed as Surat Thani. This city’s charm and beauty can get the attention of people from all of the seven continents of the planet. With a tropical climate, this will sure be one of the most comfortable and relaxing destinations you could ever have.

Closely situated at the famous Gulf of Thailand, you can see the City Pillar Shrine wherein the house of city’s spirit deity can be observed. It is a peach-colored edifice that will welcome you with their two doors. Another intriguing sight is the two birds that carries a lantern with their beaks in front of the building that gradually leaves wonder for tourists.

The Southwest Pinnacle is a 30-meter deep white sand beach that has lots of wonders when explored under water. The limestone and granite hills, colorful rocks, sea anemones and soft corals are the elements seen on the attractions. When you dive deeper, you will see the porcupine fish, butterfly fish, zebra shark and smaller reef fishes harmonizing with corals. However, you should be cautious with diving and ask for an assistance of a mooring line for a more convenient and safe diving experience.

The Red Rock or commonly known as the Shark Island is also ideal for learning divers. The water is shallow and clear so monitoring would be far easier than deep areas. Occasional sharks can be seen here as well together with turtles and colorful corals. As for the Green Rock, it is more famous for having swim-through caverns that serves as a home for numerous shark species and endearing angelfishes. Together, these rocks made Thailand’s tourism increase in just a short span of time.

Being the largest south province of the country, Surat Thani surely proved itself to all people who witnessed their potential as a must-see tourist attraction in Asia. The pagoda of Phra Boromathat Chaiya has been standing in this place for centuries and never failed to impress its viewers. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience here in Surat Thani once you pay it a visit.

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