Lighthouse in Swansea, Wales
Photo by: rob-qld , Creative Commons

The very name implies fairy tales and fantasies. The nickname Wales’ Golden Coastal City is just a reinforcement of the same idea. The second largest city in Wales, however, has suffered from the hands of manmade structures. While the Swansea backdrop is breathtaking, the buildings that rose after the Second World War are anything but. You cannot call the city buildings beautiful but they still manage to arrest the attention. It must be the juxtaposition of ugly and lovely in this city of Swansea.

If you are from Cardiff or London, you can travel to Swansea by land. You can take the National Express Coach from London as an option. The trip lasts over four hours. From Cardiff, you can ride a train to Swansea for an hour’s trip. You may decide to go by boat. When in Swansea, you can get around by bus or tram. You may also go for a convenient taxi ride. From the train station to the beautiful suburb of Mumbles, you will be asked to pay a ten pound fare.
A True Kaleidoscopic Beauty under Cloudy Skies.

Swansea is not your sea, sand and surf type of place. The sun doesn’t come out to often. Despite this, you are not going to be depressed over the downcast conditions. The people of Swansea are enough to make you cheer up. Beyond the drab buildings, you can explore culture in the most exciting British museums being developed. You can get to know more about the past, and possibly the future, of Swansea. People who used to live in Swansea keep on coming back to the parks and beaches that make Swansea a naturally gorgeous place to explore. However, even partygoers have something to remember fondly about the Golden City. The nightclubs are reportedly made for wild partying. So, there is something for everyone in Swansea. Both those who want to contemplate quietly and those who want to party loudly have a place in the Welsh territory.

Though the weather in Swansea is not that of a typical holiday place, the city is still a wonderful place to experience.

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