Amman beach, Sweimeh, Jordan
Photo by: argenberg , Creative Commons

Suweima, Jordan is under the Balqa governorate and is situated northwest of the capital Amman. The governorate of Balqa ranks 10th in area among the 12 in the kingdom. However, it ranks third when it comes to population.

Sometimes, the village’s name of Suweima is also spelled as Suwaymah, Sweime, Suweima, or Sweimeh. What’s new? Jordanian spots are known for their tongue-twisting names! Anyway, if you want to travel somewhere that’s far and peaceful, then there’s probably no other place that could be quieter than Suweima. It is a small town that has a population ranging between 2000 and 5000 and is definitely your perfect rural life destination.

Suweima, just like other villages in the Al Balqa governorate, has a very interesting history. Apparently, aside from the governorate’s capital Salt, there was nothing in the area to see or go to during the old times. There was no house, no shop, and no traveler-friendly establishment to find rest in. These days though, although the town is still relatively quiet, it has changed. It now has some places and businesses that cater to tourists who want to immerse themselves in the simple life of this area.

Suweima has an economy that is based on agriculture. If you love the greens, then you will have your fill learning about town’s crops and how they help people earn a living. If you love the mountains, whether for hiking or sightseeing, the little town is surrounded by them for your exploration.

It may not make sense to some why a small town like Suweima, Jordan is worth-visiting, but for those who find solace in life’s simplicity and rawness, there is no need for any explanation. Simple Suweima is simply the best.

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