Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse 400
Streets of Syracuse
Photo by: girolame, Creative Commons

Syracuse, in the mysterious Italian island of Sicily was once a powerful Greek force that rivaled any notable colonies in history. And because of its Mediterranean influence, it’s easy to get lost in the idea that you are actually vacationing on a Greek island. Today, this holiday destination is a modern city that boasts of having the best of both Italian and Greek influences that delight any visitor looking for a Mediterranean holiday.

Although the city of Syracuse is located within the mainland of Sicily, transportation from the mainland shouldn’t be a problem as there are a trains that run through the coast. Cars can also be easily transported through ferries that travel to Messina. From Syracuse, it’s easy to travel to other towns and cities surrounding the area as there are normal bus routes that you can take if you want to travel around.

While in Syracuse, don’t forget to stay a day or two at their most famous destination, the Ortygia Island. You will find the best of Mediterranean living has to offer you there are you feast on the best seafood and drink the finest wine. You can also visit their aquarium if you want to come up close and personal with the different aquatic life forms that can be found in their sea. Don’t forget to make a stop at the Greek theater and the roman amphitheater which both claims to be the biggest of their kind in the land.

Syracuse is a place where both the Greek architecture and roman way of life happily coexist with each other, making it easy for anyone to quickly lose any sense of time. So don’t forget to book your own trip today and have a grand time lazily taking in the sun, the sands and everything else there is for a truly happy life.

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