Szczecin in Poland
Photo by: isamiga76, Creative Commons

Szczecin used to be Europe’s centre for transit routes which lasted for centuries and came from all directions. It is Western Pomeranian Province’s capital and has 400,000 residents. This city is very rich in tradition, having more than a thousand years of history many of which are quite turbulent. This city used to be one of Germany’s most powerful trade centres and ports.

Szczecin used to be under the rule of several countries including Prussia, Poland, Denmark, Germany and France. It was in 1945 that the Polish administration took over the city after it was conquered by the Russian army. The Germans were driven away from the city and in their place, the Polish settlers took over.

This city is also very rich in environmental assets and was thus called “green city.” Szczecin is one of the cities in Poland that is rich in vegetation as well as the water that is needed by such vegetation to survive. The climate conditions this city has are very ideal for both tourism as well as residence. It comes as no wonder why many tourists and foreign visitors eventually decide to live in Szczecin permanently.

Another reason why many tourists desire to visit this city is its proximity to many world renowned resorts such as Międzyzdroje, Dziwnów, Świnoujście and Rewal. Also, the location of this city is considered to be one of the most attractive there is in Poland making it a great choice by tourists. It is surrounded by huge forests as well as hundreds of clear lakes making it very picturesque and great for water related sports such as yachting. On the other hand, the forests are able to accommodate visitors for a fun walk or hike on the trails or simply by picking berries or mushrooms and bird watching.

Other famous spots that you may want to visit in the city of Szczecin are the various museums, the 17th century houses teeming with history, the St. James’ Gothic Cathedral, the Baroque Palace, the 14th Century Church and the 11th century Pomeranian Knights Castle. To get more details about each of them and to find out what package you can get for a visit in this city, you can simply log on and browse various travel websites online.

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