Taba Nights
Photo by: Britrob, Creative Commons

If you are planning to visit Egypt, you should not miss the city of Taba while. This small town is referred to as Sinai’s Gateway. It has the most beautiful view of mountains and the most alluring backdrop of beaches. The fascinating coast and bays made it become one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt. Its tourism is revolutionized by the establishment of the city’s international airport that holds flights directly from different places of Europe.

You are surely to enjoy different sceneries like the wonderful Fjord, Taba’s natural bay of clear waters and lovely corals; Coral Island; and the fortress of Saladin that can be found on the Pharoah’s island. You are not to miss any of these magnificent sites.

Every fan of snorkeling and diving is to enjoy the beach’s turquoise waters and paradise reefs. The adventurous are going to enjoy the color splash of the dazzling Coloured Canyon that is located just about fifty kilometers south of Taba. With this canyon, you are to witness the true essence of color kaleidoscope.

Once you are in this town, you should witness the striking beauty and superiority of Taba Heights. This is a resort that is overlooking the most scenic views on Sinai. This boasts an area of over 4.5 million square meters of vibrant mountains and shorelines. You are going to sing praises once you see the five kilometers of eye-catching and enticing beaches. There is no doubt that you are going to enjoy every minute of your travel in Taba, Egypt when you get first-class service from the finest world-class hotels.

If getting to Taba Heights is one of your worries, you should know that this outstanding resort is located just 35 kilometers away from the city’s international airport. You do not have to be troubled about traveling; your travel agent can fix it all up for you.

Just when you think that you’ve read it all, you are just about to find out more. There is more to Taba Heights than mountains and coastlines. The most popular sports in Taba are not any of what you tried before. In the resort, you can have fun with parasailing, skiing, and windsurfing! Hiring a boat and enjoying the exquisite views of the city from its waters is a must for all guests of the resort.

Now, if you do want to unwind in a cozy beach to relieve the stresses of life, it’s time you head to Taba.

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