Taboga Island

Taboga Island
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Taboga Island is one of Panama’s treasured islands because of its sparkling crystal waters, balmy weather, and its flora and fauna. Getting here is made possible by ferries in less than an hour. You can also view its whole panorama when you stay in Panama City. At night, the romantic moonlight illuminates the diffused sea that will definitely captivate your heart and soul.

Twelve miles away from mainland is the exact distance you have to travel before reaching Taboga Island. You will eventually know that you are near the island when fresh air hits your face. In the north side, you can see the town of San Pedro where most businesses are convened. While heading south, leads you to a protected habitat of migrating brown pelicans.

Bathing in white sand beaches are mainly the habit of tourists. In Taboga Island, you can roll over the sand, pick come seashells by the seashore and even spend your entire day under the sun, just don’t forget to put on sun block and you will be a-ok. Among the places to stay are inns, hotels, guest rooms and sometimes, small cottages. All of these accommodations are relaxing with beautiful overlooking landscapes.

Since the location is beside the sea, people are sometimes threatened for hurricane possibilities. But do not be alarmed because the country haven’t experienced and hopefully won’t experience a dreadful thing like this. So, go on and explore Taboga Island, Panama and reflect on its history by taking long walks at its beaches and other destinations.

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