Taal Volcano on Taal Lake
Photo by: carolynconner, Creative Commons

If you are planning a vacation to the Philippines, you should definitely take yourself to Tagaytay. This city is believed to be Asia’s most pleasant city because of the environment, people and culture.

Filipinos know that Tagaytay is the Philippines’ tangible concept of a paradise. It is just thirty-four miles away from Manila that takes an hour and a half drive. This pleasant city can be found in the province of Cavite and is popular as a top tourist spot for Filipinos and foreign visitors.

Tagaytay city has a good vantage point of Taal Volcano. From this city, you are going to get a great view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano while you enjoy the cool climate of the city. Tagaytay is famous for having pleasant weather because of its high altitude. Aside from the low temperature of the city, there is also abundant rainfall every so often. The temperature of the city averages at 22-degrees Celsius; it is endowed with such an invigorating atmosphere because it is 600 meters above the sea. In Tagaytay, it is definitely cooler during the months of December to February.

It can be said that Tagaytay City is the pearl of the orient as it is a perfect place for a family getaway. There are a lot of activities that you can enjoy while in Tagaytay – horseback riding, picnic, camping and sight-seeing. The views that the city offers are splendid and breathtaking.

The people of Tagaytay are as friendly as many other Filipinos. You will be welcomed by great joy and hospitality. You do not have to worry about places to stay in because there are a number of luxury hotels that can accommodate your stay in the city. You are assured to have a good view of the Taal Lake while you are in your hotel suite.

Tagaytay is just the perfect place to go for a conference, family vacation or even a romantic honeymoon. If there’s a romantic place in the Philippines that you should go to, it is definitely Tagaytay City.

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