Taichung Skyline, Taiwan
Photo by: [J], Creative Commons

Travel in to the heart of Taiwan and explore Taichung’s rich culture. Locally tagged as the most suitable city for living, Taichung, Taiwan is actually situated at the core of Taiwan which links both north and south Taiwan. A city steeped in history and full of natural wonders, Taichung also offers a culinary treasure in many of its restaurants. There are also lots of recreation places that tourists can go and visits.

The location of Taichung, Taiwan gives tourists a strategic position in picking the famous areas to visit. Because Taichung is located between Kaohsiung and Taipei, the high speed rail allows visitors to arrive in less than an hour. Taichung also offers international shipping routes, and their airport offers direct flights to Hong Kong and Okinawa Japan.

But Taichung is not just an ordinary hub that links Taipei’s north and south. It also has different attractions that tourists can visit. Here are some of Taichung’s Must-See places. The following includes natural views, famous city spots, popular cultural venues, and their recreational areas.

• The Taichung Metropolitan Park
• Yizhong St. Business District
• Da Keng Hiking Paths
• Taichung Park
• Wenhe Temple
• Feng Chia Night Market
• Parkway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
• National Museum of Natural Science

All of the attractions mentioned are officially announced by the Taichung City Government as the top 8 destinations in Taichung, Taiwan. By day, visit the Taichung Parks and their Temples. These places are Taichung’s highlights. And by night, the Feng Chia Night Market is the perfect place to hang out. There are many local products here that are sold cheaply. The colorful night life of Taichung can definitely excite visitors as colorful lights fill up the market, and marvelous inexpensive items are being displayed.

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