Turkish Fort in Taif
Photo by: Michael (mx5tx), Creative Commons

Found in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia is the city of Taif. The city is characterized by the agricultural activities that produce honey and grapes primarily. Aside from the rich agricultural resource that it offers, the city of Taif also presents a number of scenic spots that the tourists will surely enjoy. Here are some of them:

At the Southern tip of the city lies the Al Rudaf Park, which is a vast natural park where clusters of trees embellish the wrinkled but breathtaking granite rocks. Children will also enjoy the small zoo situated in the vicinity.

Located on the northern part of the district is the Rock Carving Site, which serves as a home to the Okaz Souk, the most-famed and largest pre-Islamic gathering place or souq. This kind of place used to serve as a venue for commercial, political and social gatherings. It also served as a setting for competitive recitation of both prose and poetry.

The remains of the Turkish Fort nestled near the Rock Carvings. According to legends, Lawrence of Arabia fought in the fort in 1917. Lots of battles were said to have happened on its ground and graves could still be found until now.

Taif’s regional museum called Shubra Palace is located in a building which dates back to the 1900. It is believed that the palace served as the lodging for King Abdul Aziz in the 1930s.

Al Shafa, a small village that is gifted with rich agricultural reserves, rests high upon the mountains of Sarawat. Taif’s fruit gardens are located in this sleepy village. If you also want to experience a camel ride, this is the perfect place to be.

The sanctuary of Muhammed, Wadi Mitna, in 619 AD is also situated in the heart of this city. According to history, the prophet went to this place for the support of the Tawfiq and Hawazeen but was stoned. Later, however, he was provided shelter by his fellows in a small house that is now recognized as a mosque.

So if you really want to experience culture, history and fun all at the same time, this city has a lot to offer. In terms of climate, the district is blessed with hot and dry temperature that could shoot up to 40 °C during summer.

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