Taipei by night, Taiwan
Photo by: orange Tuesday, Creative Commons

Taipei Taiwan is popularly known for its beauty and breathtaking views. Taipei offers a wide array of popular tourist destinations. Accessing these hot spots have never been a problem for tourists because of Taipei’s 24/7 transportation service.

If you are going to travel to Taipei Taiwan you might want to consider visiting these popular places that can be found within the Taipei border.

• Taipei 101 – This gigantic skyscraper is a must visit place for first timers, and even for old timers. Taipei 101 is the tallest building in Taipei, and is internationally known as the world’s tallest skyscraper. Many tourist agencies include trips to Taipei 101 because it offers tourists a magnificent view over the city that gives them great rush.

• National Palace Museum – Holding the world record for having the largest collection of Chinese artifacts, Taipei’s National Palace Museum is another tourist destination that is guaranteed worth visiting. The National Palace is located in Chichsan Road in Taipei City. To get there take the Danshui Line of the Mass Rapid Transit network and get off at the Shihlin Station, and then from there tourists can take a short bus ride to the museum.

• Shihlin Market – Be amazed by their Shihlin Night Market and enjoy affordable deals. Shihlin night market is one of Taipei’s largest night markets. Its center is located on Yangmin theatre and Tsicheng temple. Goods here are sold cheaper as compared to regular store establishments. The Shihling Market covers a very wide area, which offers many varieties of local goods and exotic cuisines. From Taipei city, tourists can take the Danshui Line of the MRT and get off at Chientan Station.

Aside from these popular places mentioned, there are still a lot of places to visit that can be found within Taipei. Taipei Taiwan is definitely a perfect tourist destination that is worth visiting.

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