Taitung Coastline, Taiwan
Photo by: Prince Roy, Creative Commons

Located between breathtaking mountains and an Azure Ocean on a small plain at the southern peak of the East Rift Valley, Taitung, Taiwan offers spectacular landscape views. Many visitors find this tropical destination calming because of its relaxing coastline. Taitung is surrounded by orchards and rice fields that contribute to its aesthetic beauty. The main part of this city is small and compact, and walking around the city is one of the pleasant ways to explore the place. Riding rented bicycles are a good alternative to discovering the area. Establishments near the Forest Park North of Jonghshan road who offer inexpensive rentals.

Taitung, Taiwan is not just rich in breathe taking sceneries. It is also rich in both culture and tradition. There are many historical and recreational places in Taitung visitors can go and visit.

Here are some popular places located within the Taitung perimeter.

• Museum of Prehistory
Located in Buowuguan Road, Fengtin village, is a museum rich in cultural history. The museum houses a tremendous exhibit on the different aboriginal groups in Taiwan. The museum also offers a beautifully sculpted garden area just outside the building.

• Beinan Cultural Park
Located in Wenhuagongyuan Rd., Nanwang Village, Taitung City, this park actually contains the largest and the most vital prehistoric archeological site in Taiwan. The outskirt of the park also consists of exquisite grounds and a strategic view of the area.

• Taitung Railway Art Village
Located at the old railway station, Taitung City converted some of its buildings that are located near the old railway into an exhibition area for local and residential artists. This place is perfect for art lovers.

There are literally hundreds of activities that can be done in Taitung, Taiwan. Hiking, Biking or even swimming escapades. Taitung is guaranteed to satisfy every visitor’s heart that will make them coming back for more.

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