Taiwanese Drinks

One could say that tea is a very large factor of Taiwanese culture
Photo by: Prince Roy, Creative Commons

The Taiwanese beverage culture can be said to be quite centered on tea. This comes as no surprise since Taiwan’s cuisines is highly associated with that of Chinese culture. The culture of tea is a one of the defining traits of Chinese cuisine, and this is one of the many influences that the country has had on Taiwan.

Indeed, Taiwan has also developed a tea culture that traces its roots back to China, but which over the years has developed its own flavor and varieties. Taiwanese teas are known for their rich aroma and sweet taste, contrary to the bitter tasting tea found in China. There are currently four major categories under which teas are classified:

Dong Ding Wulong
One of the most popular and finest tea varieties in Taiwan produced in the Dong Ding region. It characterized by its sweet aroma and fruity taste, quite reminiscent of peach.

Wenshan Baozhong
Grown in the mountains of Pinglin, the Baozhong tea is known for its floral aroma and sweet taste. It has gone through the least amount of processing and oxidation.

Tie Guanyin
Originating from the Fujian province, the Tie Guanyin is probably one of the most expensive teas available in the whole world. This is because of the method of its production, which captures perfectly the aromatic substances that make this such a powerful and intoxicating brew.

White-tipped Wu-long
The tea got its name from the process of picking only two tea leaves and the white tipped buds from the tea tree. It comes in many names, but is known worldwide as Oriental Beauty. The tea has unique taste characterized by honey and smell that is slightly floral.

Aside from the prevailing tea culture, Taiwanese have also taken to the use of different fruits and other plant-based ingredients for their drinks. Papaya milk is usually served in juice stands all over the country and is Taiwan’s equivalent of milkshake. Another popular drink that has gotten international renown is pearl milk tea made from sweetened milk tea with generous servings of tapioca balls.

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