Taiwanese Soups

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
Photo by: Ernesto Andrade, Creative Commons

Following with tradition of other Asian countries and its closest neighbor China, Taiwanese soups pretty much evoke the same technique and flavors that make these soups distinct from those in other parts of the world. The broth used for the soups is generally meat based with the addition of vegetables, rice, or noodles.
Despite the huge similarity however, Taiwanese have managed to create soup varieties that can be called their own. Listed below are some of the most popular soups prepared in different Taiwanese restaurants and homes.

Asian chicken noodle soup
Probably every country in the world has its own variation of the chicken soup, but that of Taiwan stands out because of its use of traditional ingredients such as jujube fruits, tea, and different herbs. The basic broth is chicken based with the addition of shiitake mushrooms, eggs, and pieces of chicken breast. The soup is very low in fat and is often consumed when one has colds.

Pork liver soup
Pork liver soup is usually taken as a snack in Taiwan is a popular fare in the night markets that abound in the country. Though the broth is chicken based as most Taiwanese soups are, the pork liver soup got its name for the use of pork liver as the main ingredient. Some variations use boiled pork bacon instead of pork liver. It is cooked in a wok and uses traditional Chinese noodles.

Oyster soup
As one of the most popular soups in Taiwan, oyster soup is a staple in restaurants as well as on dining tables of homes around the country. Because of the abundance of seafood in Taiwan, finding oyster is not difficult at all. Either fresh or canned oysters are cooked into a thick soup that is served with rice and made even more flavorful with the addition of basil leaves and garlic.

Beef noodle soup
Though some parts of Taiwan are known for not eating beef due to religious ties, it is strangely one of the island’s most popular soups. Made with beef broth, stewed beef, Chinese noodles, and vegetables, the beef noodle soup has captured the taste buds of Taiwanese that they in fact have a festival in celebration of this wonderful dish.

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