National Hero – Manas
Photo by: neiljs, Creative Commons

Do you want to drain your digital camera’s battery during a vacation? You might as well go to Talas, Kyrgyzstan. Talas is a small town in the northwest area of the country located near the Talas River. It offers a lot of wonderful sites in every place you go.

For one, the mountainous setting and consigned valley can uphold a very exhilarating experience once you get to see it. South of this town is the famous five-rocks Besh-Tash valley and Besh-Tash National Park. These attractions are a site to behold especially when men in horses gallop their way home. The free-flowing river with treeless surroundings in sandy ridges is simply stunning.

Manas, also a famous character, is another reason why tourist visits this place. His tomb and museum are two of the most admired destinations in Talas. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you are lucky since the Kyrgyz bandy group also stays here. In addition, the conventional Kyrgyz horsemanship games are being held in the main grounds of Manas every summer.

When you make a decision to come in this place, you might want to check if you should prepare a letter that can be easily furnished in one day. Together with your baggage, don’t forget to always bring with you your passport and other important documents for verification.

Prepare to take a shot at these sites as your once in a lifetime experience is about to happen. Don’t miss any single spot you will encounter and treasure your stay in Talas, Kyrgyzstan forever.

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