Tall Kayf

Tall Kayf, Iraq is situated in the Ninawa Governorate. It is one of the biggest towns in the Assyrian culture of Iraq and from Mosul, it will only take you eight miles if you take the North East. In Syriac language, Tall Kayf is actually also called as the Tel Keipeh. In Kurdish, it is called as the Tilkaif. Tall Kayf is actually Arabic together with Tel Kaif. Tall Kayf is really known as Tel Keppe for most of the Iraqi. This language is actually Aramaic. Tel in Aramaic means “hill” and Keppe means “stones”. So Tall Kayf is actually really known as being the “Hill of Stones”. There is this cemetery over the hill too.

The population in Tall Kayf is quite few. There are only 5,000 individuals in this town and they are mostly migrants from Arabia and are mostly Kurdish thus the many languages to call the Tall Kayf. The people who really originated from Tall Kayf are now mostly spread throughout the world particularly in Baghdad in Iraq and other parts of the United States of America like the state of California, Detroit and San Diego.

If you are going to buy something as a souvenir for your trip, vases are very much popular in this area. These are not just ordinary vases. These vases were found way back 2000 years before Christ. These were found by the Iraqi Directorate of Antiquities and some even date longer than 2000 BC.

A good place to visit would also be their churches. Besides the vases, a few ruins of monasteries and churches were found. According to studies, the churches date back to the early Christians in the place. There are about 5 churches that are old that you can visit.

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