Tallac Historic Site

Water or Look out Tower? At the Tallac Historic Site
Photo by: Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture, Creative Commons

South Lake Tahoe has a cultural site wherein people can enjoy theatrical performances and a unique festivity of music and arts, the Tallac Historic Site. The place is also included in the National Registry of Historic Sites.

The Tallac Historic Site is a 74 acre land which is located at State Highway 89, three miles north of South Lake Tahoe City. The site features 19 historical structures which include three antique manors coming from the properties of the Baldwin, Pope, and Heller families. These mansion where dated back from 1873 to 1920 and are currently used as venues for music and arts cultural programs of the Tahoe Tallac Association.

The Tahoe Tallac Association is a non-profit organization which manages the Tallac Historic Site. Together with the U.S. Forest Service, their aim is to preserve and develop the site as a culture and historic center which can be freely enjoyed by the public.

One of the features of Tallac is the Valhalla Boathouse Theatre which is the venue for concert performances. Some of the shows featured here are: classical music, Cajun, Latin rhythms, jazz artists, Celtic, and world music. Visitors are also allowed to eat or have a picnic in the lawn before the concert starts in the Boathouse Theatre.

Another feature of the site is the Valhalla Grand Hall which is established in 1923. The hall is the venue of summer concerts and the Cultural Arts Gift Store. One of the prominent aspects of this site is the 20 foot stone fireplace and its prestigious wood floors and beam ceilings.

One of the programs conducted in the site is the Valhalla Arts and Music Festival. This festival begins in May and continues throughout the year. Some of the highlights of the festival are: Reggae Festival, Valhalla Art Exhibits, and Children’s Art Workshops or Art for All.

As a historical wonder, the Tallac Historic Site envisions to help people appreciate and understand the different culture and traditions of the world.

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