Tallinn Old City

Tallinn Old City
Photo by: Troy David Johnston , Creative Commons

The Tallinn Old City located at Estonia is a spectacular tourist attraction wherein time seemed to have stopped. There are many well-preserved old infrastructures in this old city and because of this, the whole place has been determined a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in the year 1997. The city existed as early as 11th century, presenting medieval-inspired architecture ranging from the buildings, houses, and up to the walkways. The Tallinn Old City has been a favorite destination for tourists curious about life during the medieval times.

The two must-see places in Tallinn are its two old towns: the upper town or Toompea and the lower town or All-Linn. The upper town is famous for its defense walls and various cathedrals. The lower town, on the other hand, is well-known as one of the best preserved old towns in Europe. The Town Hall Square, different towers and town walls can be found in here as well as the St. Olaf church tower. Walking is advisable while exploring the two old towns rather than taking a vehicle. Through this, a tourist can maximize their appreciation for the city’s magnificent medieval scenery. The old city is good for sightseeing as well as shopping and food.

The means of transportation in Tallinn is the bus, trolley bus and tram. Flat rate of transportation fares is implemented, meaning that tickets are used as a bus fare payment rather than cash. Tickets are available in side street kiosks and can also be purchased from the driver for a little higher price. The best time to visit Tallinn is during the summer as this is also the peak season for tourists. The climate in Estonia during summer is good for strolling around; it’s not too cold and hardly rains. Take a visit and bring yourself back in time at Tallinn Old city.

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