Tallinn Skyline
Photo by: jurvetson, Creative Commons

If you are thinking of visiting Europe, then you should consider dropping by the city of Tallin, Estonia. This country is situated in North Eastern Europe and Tallin is its capital. The country is rich with unharmed landscapes mostly of woodlands and forests and is surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and streams.

The capital city is located at the northern part of the country along the Gulf of Finland. It is the largest city in Estonia and is the center of industrial, cultural and political happenings of the country. You will find busy seaports which make it accessible for you to go and visit other Scandinavian countries.

If you want to tour all over the city, there are different modes of transportation available for you. One of the many sights most tourist visit is what used to be the Palace of Peter the Great which is now the National Art Museum of Estonia. The great thing about the tour is that most of the attractions can be travelled on foot so you can enjoy the scenery.

Looking for a place to eat is not a problem in Tallin. In fact, there are lots of restaurants, cafes, pubs and night clubs seen all over the place. You should not miss out on the specialty dish of this place which is smoked trout. It would also be great to order veal and their local beer, Saare, which is famous around this place.

You will also find out that shopping in Tallin will be a wonderful experience because of all the great bargains you will see in their shopping district.

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