Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indo 400
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Photo by: Helsinki***, Creative Commons

There are many miniature theme parks all over the world, making one think that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a far cry from these, as it shows many aspects of the country, which brings the country to a new light for many tourists.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, translated into Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park and is also known as TMII, is located in East Jakarta. This park depicts the culture of the country interactively as people could not only see the miniature of the country’s 26 provinces but they could actually go inside the houses and see the structure up close, as though they are truly living in the house. Apart from these houses, there are gardens, small zoos, museums, and other recreation for tourists and locals alike. There are ten gardens in the park, which includes a cactus garden, a flower garden, and a medicinal-plant garden. Also within the park are small parks with animals, including a freshwater aquarium, a bird park, and even a park dedicated to the Bekisar chicken.

There are fourteen museums in TMII, most notable of which is the Keong Emas Imax Theater, which is designed like a golden snail. Other museums are those devoted to the komodo dragon, war, electricity, stamps, sports, cultural heritage, telecommunications, transportation, and oil and gas. There is also an insect museum and butterfly garden in the grounds. Work of Indonesian scholars as well as anything related to the Kuran could also be found in another exhibit, the Bayt al Qur’an and Museum Istiqlal.

There are also other recreational activities to be experienced in TMII. There is the Children’s Palace, which is shaped like a castle and has fairy tales from all over the world. Situated within the park grounds is a small arts and crafts village, a rare book market, theaters, one of which is 4D, and a fishing lake. There is also a small water park and something similar to a boot camp. The water park amenities include a wave pool, a vortex pool, a wave river, and even a hot spa. On the other hand, the camp, which is made for kids, has amenities that include a zip line, a canopy trail, tunnels, and bridges.

Transportation within Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is varied. People may take bike tours, the car tour, ride the swan boats, miniature railway, cable car, or the Aeromovel Indonesia, which is a train that generates energy from wind and is on top of an overpass that encircles the park.

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