Tampere Town Hall
Photo by: Leo-setä, Creative Commons

Tampere is the second most significant urban center in Finland, next to Helsinki. It became a highly commercialized city in the 19th century. Today, Tampere is bustling with life and activities. Most of the places tourists can visit are the Central Museum of Labor, Vapriikki Museum Center, small restaurants, and sport and fitness centers.

The leading tourist spot in Tampere is the Särkänniemi Adventure Park that contains fun rides for kids and the Children’s Zoo. It features a planetarium, a dolphinarium, and aquarium as well. This amusement park also houses a modern art museum that displays masterpieces of Miro, Picasso, and other prominent artists. This park includes the Näsinneula Observation Tower overlooking Lake Näsijärvi. This tower is sure to impress tourists with its revolving restaurant on its top area. Other attractions in Tampere include the Pyynikki Observation Tower, Pyynikki Ridge, and Central Square.

Visitors can also have a taste of the Finnish culture by going to theaters and events that showcase the country’s arts, architecture, music, and literature. In fact, some of the most remarkable Finnish cultural events happen in Tampere every year. One of the most anticipated events in Finland is the Tampere Film Festival, the longest-running film fest in Scandinavia. An international event also takes place in Tampere every year: the Tampere Theater Festival. During this weeklong festival, various Finnish and foreign theater groups perform in Pyynikki Summer Theatre—which is known as the revolving auditorium in Tampere.

Definitely, Tampere leaves nothing to be desired with its myriad of attractions and cultural events that cater to tourists of all ages.

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