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If you are planning for a vacation holiday in Morocco, you should consider staying in Tangier. A few days in Tangier, Morocco can make your idea of a Moroccan holiday come to life. There are so many things to do and sights to see in this place that staying for just a few days will not be enough.

Tangier, Morocco has been used by different warring countries because of its strategic location. It is where Africa meets Europe and has been conquered by many rulers throughout the centuries. The attractions in Tangier, Morocco include bazaars, Kasbah, medina, souks, and beaches.

Just like many places in Morocco, Tangier also has its own Medina. The Medina of Tangier is a very busy place with lots of things to do and shops to visit. As a first time tourist in Morocco, you might not be able to survive alone in medina. You should hire a local tourist guide. Just make sure that the guide will be able to take you to places that are must-see in the Medina of Tangier.

If you are into the arts, you should also look inside the Museum of Moroccan Arts. As the name of the museum implies, this location houses several art pieces created by Moroccan artists.

Visiting souks is also a fun experience. You can take a stroll in the area’s streets and alleys and you will see several souks. You can buy so many different things from these shops. The tip here is to take your time and choose the ones that you really like. You should also not let pushy vendors force you to buy things that you do not really like. Just politely decline and they will know when to stop.

Finally, you should also not miss the beaches in Tangier, Morocco. A difference between Moroccan beaches and western beaches is that they feature interesting activities like camel rides. You can also enjoy windsurfing, sports, and acrobatics.

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