Taormina, Sicily 400
Taormina Cove
Photo by: gnuckx cc0, Creative Commons

On the eastern coast of the Sicilian island, there is a charming little town that shouldn’t be missed, it is called Taormina. It boasts of having the most beautiful sites and picturesque views that both foreign and local visitors alike come to this town to catch a glimpse of the blue Mediterranean waters. Come explore the ruins of an ancient Greek city that once thrived within the vicinity of the area and be taken back in time.

Probably one of the oldest towns in Italy, Taormina is considered to be one of the top vacations spots in Italy today. If you want to visit the town in peace, without the hustle and bustle of the visitor crowd, then come during the spring months of March to April, when you’ll find flowers blooming all around. This is also the best time to catch holiday deals since it’s considered to be the lean season in this relatively expensive holiday destination. Don’t be surprised if summer comes around and you find yourself stuck with other visitors who will instantly appear out of nowhere.

It’s a quiet town that does not thrive on nightlife, there are just a few nightspots. There are also only a few visitor attractions such as the Greco-Roman Theatre, where you will be able to see a great full view of the coastline and Mount Etna. This is because Taormina is all about simple pleasures and a simple way of life. Make your way to the Corso Umberto to have a taste of what the town is really like while you indulge in flavorful gelato. And don’t forget to grab some handcrafted souvenirs along the way so that you can take home with you, a bit of the magic that Taormina has.

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