Tarangire National Park

Baobab Tree on Tarangire Naational Park
Photo by: Noel Feans, Creative Commons

Wildlife, sceneries, nature itself—these are the things offered by Tarangire National Park. It is a popular wildlife national park of Tanzania. After Mkomazi, Katavi, Mikumi, Serengeti and Ruaha, Tarangire is the sixth largest. It is home to several game species like elephants and lions. It is also perfect for bird watching. It has more than 550 species of birds—the most number in one place compared to all other regions in the world.

The Tarangire National Park is about 2,850 square kilometers wide. It is can be reached by 75 mile trip, southwest from Arusha city. People can experience on-foot Safari exploration with expert guides. Other than wildlife, visitors can also explore the culture and arts of Barabaig and Maasai tribes. The place is also rich anthropologically, with plenty of ancient rock paintings.

People can visit the national park anytime in the year. However, it is best to have a safari trip from June to September. These are the dry months. The number of species is highest in this time of the year. The animals gather at the most abundant water source during dry time, the Tarangire River.

Bird watchers will enjoy the huge number of game species in Tarangire. On grounds farther from the river, there are ostriches and Kori bustards, the heaviest flying bird. One can also see tree climbing lions and huge pythons coiled on the trees as well. There are herds of about 300 elephants too.

Inside the National park, there are hotels known for their good services and delicious food. Some of them are the Tarangire Sopa Lodge, the Swala Camp and the Tarangire Safari Lodge.

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