Lake Khövsgöl
Photo by: tiarescott, Creative Commons

Mongolia is not a popular tourist destination yet it has lots to offer when it comes to natural resources, scenery, landscapes, rock formations, cultural, and historic sites. Many Mongolians are nomadic while some are herdsmen.

Few of the things that Mongolia can offer are jeep tours, fishing, camel and horse riding.
One of the interesting images tout to be the Switzerland of Mongolia is Khövsgöl. This aiming is rich in gushing rivers, glistering lakes, furrowed mountains, and thick forests. It is thought of as the most beautiful province of Mongolia. Tarialan is one of the most visited towns in Khövsgöl. It profusely rains during summer which adds a beautiful sight to the sceneries because of the rainbow formation.

The land is divided between arable land and for pasture. The sum of Tarialan was founded along with Khövsgöl aiming. It was then a place for hay production and later expanded into an arable state farm.

Tarialan economy is base on arable farming and raising livestock which consists of goats, sheep, and yaks.
Uriankhai, Khotgoid, Darkhad, and Buriat tribes are what constitute the population of Tarialan. The Tsaatan who live in the northern part reside in teepees just like the Native Americans.

The province’s main tourist attraction is Khövsgöl Nuur. Chandman-Öndör, and the valley of Darkhad, are all interesting sights. This spots are perfect for activities such as trekking, fishing, hiking, and cycle tours. A reminder though that fishing in Khövsgöl Nuur requires a permit in Ulaanbaatar’s Ministry of Nature.

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