Taroko National Park

Photo by: jiashiang , Creative Commons

Literally translated as magnificent and beautiful, Taroko was the first word out of a certain tribesman’s mouth after being mesmerized by the magnificence and beauty of the place.

When Taiwan was still under the reign of the Japanese, The Taroko Gorge was established as its national park and it is until today, one of the top destinations for tourists in the island. It is known as the Ihla Formosa or “beautiful island.” There are many sites to explore within the vicinity of the park. In the canyon, there are hiking trails where you can go and have some bonding time with nature along with your family and friends. The gorge also offers a large variety of animals for people to observe.

You can find 144 kinds of birds and 30 species of mammals. There are 32 reptilian species and approximately 18 known species of fish. There are also 251 kinds of butterflies flying around the place. The island generally, is a mild, subtropical place which means that raining year round.

The most bedazzling part of the park is its coastal cliffs and its subtropical forested canyons. The tallest peak in Taiwan is about 3800 meters high. It is widely known for its gorgeous mountain sceneries, grottos of the swallows, springs, and other more extravagantly beautiful sights. This is a great site for recreational activities.

The word Taroko is a word that was derived from the term “truku” of the Truku tribe. It was established first as the Tsugitaka Taroko National Park in 1937 and was destroyed in 1945 after the Second World War. The park was re-established in November 28, 1986 and was renamed in what we now know as the Taroko National Park- The beautiful Island of Taiwan.

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