Photo by: purpaboo, Creative Commons

One of the regions of the world that is rarely visited is Turkmenistan. It is a country in Central Asia that is mostly identified by its arid climate and surrounding deserts. Because of the hot climate, not many people would think that this is one of the cultural melting pots of the region.

Historically, this was a republic of the Soviet Union until its independence in 1991. When in this country, try visiting the city of Tarta and explore the architectures there in. A distinct characteristic of this city and the country as well, are lighthouses. A lighthouse located in this city stands at about 17 meters tall. Although inactive, it is still open to the viewing public. Its stone square base provides for a strong foundation and holds up the hexagonal columns. There are also lighthouses in Karaada, Bekdash, Kizyl-Su and Celeken.

There are also historical sites like mosques and museums to entice the culturally curios tourists. Although it might be a hot visit, because the weather can reach up to a scorching 50°C, the city is perfect for street tours and store hopping.

The culture of the country can also be seen in the embellished carpets exhibited in the shops in various regions. Persian rugs even have their own showcase and stores just because there is a wide variety to choose from.

It is always a good idea to have Turkmenistan Manat on hand because they have recently changed currency. In the olden times, a Manat would be equivalent to 500 rubles.

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