Bay of Plenty
Photo by: kriskaer, Creative Commons

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty has a lot of great getaway experiences to offer you. However, you will not fully enjoy what these islands have to offer without paying a visit to the port city of Tauranga. You can bet that this city alone will leave you a thousand of memories that will linger forever.

If you are a surfing enthusiast, you will always enjoy the great waves in Tauranga. One of the best places here in Tauranga is Mt. Maunganui. You will surely see your fellow wave enthusiasts catching great waves in the waters. However, for those who do not love the waves, it does not mean that you have nothing else to do here. Come and take a look at what more you can do in this great city of the Bay of Plenty.

For one, there are the great stretches of beaches here with a scattered shimmer of cream-colored sand. Fifteen minutes to the south, you can experience Papamoa Beach and the Pukehina. The latter is one of the usual favorites of a lot of tourists because of the ambiance of serenity of the place. The population here is not that crowded as that of other locations in the Bay of Plenty. You can even find a good deal of holiday houses here.

Aside from the adventures of surfing and serenity of lazing in the sand, there are a lot of other activities you can experience here in Tauranga. The place houses great regional cafes that do not only offer aromatic coffees but also great-tasting ones indeed. This is also the home for the best fish’n chips.

And of course, a trip to any place in New Zealand will not be complete without an encounter with the dolphins. You can always go watch dolphins in the great waters of Tauranga. Also, you can enjoy a helicopter flight not only for a view of the city but as well as the whole Bay of Plenty. Truly, you will be astonished by the breathtaking view of the islands sprinkled generously in the blue waters of New Zealand.

So now, don’t ever miss the great city of Tauranga in one of your travels to New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. The city houses first class hotels and accommodations that will even make your trip a more memorable one. So have your taste of the freshness of the waters of New Zealand with a getaway to this port city of Tauranga.

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