Taveuni Island

Taveuni Island Rocks on the East Side
Photo by: *slm*, Creative Commons

The most convenient way to reach Taveuni Island is to travel by air from Fiji’s mainland, Viti Levu, or from the islands of Nadu or Savusavu, all of which offers flights at least twice daily. The flights range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Regardless of the duration, though, the traveller will find it difficult to sleep through the flight because the view below is nothing short of majestic, what with Fiji’s vast expanse of blue waters and colourful reefs. One word of caution, though: be sure to book your flights ahead of time because all flights are often fully booked. Island hoppers may also take the boat from Suva, Savusavu or Labasa if they have more time to spare. There are several boats that leave for Taveuni Island. The locals will be glad to help you find the booking offices.

Its accessibility is one of the main factors why Taveuni Island is always in every tourist’s itinerary. The first few minutes in Taveuni Island is a lush treat. Visitors, especially those who love nature at its greenest, find themselves lost in the beauty of this vast garden of tropical flowers. The island is also small enough for tourists to stroll. In addition, it is one of the places in Fiji where people are fewer and far between than flora and fauna, which makes it a peaceful hideaway for the tired and weary city dweller. If you plan to take leisurely walks, however, make sure to bring your umbrella with you, because the weather in Taveuni Island is drizzly all year round.

The garden colours in Taveuni Island are matched by an equally colourful undersea world. The coral gardens that lie beneath the island waters are home to a high concentration of sea creatures as well. Speaking of waters, the island’s beaches in Taveuni Island are a crowd drawer. Taveuni Island boasts of a volcanic past, which shows in its black-sand beaches. There are, however, white-sand beaches that offer a memorable snorkelling and swimming experience. Or you can also hop to the surrounding islands of Laucala, Qmea and Matagi for more beach adventures. And if you feel like getting closer to nature, hit the eastern side of Taveuni Island to check out its raging waterfalls, or the southern coast to experience spelunking in its caves and blowholes.

Apart from the hotels, dive shops and restaurants that dot Matel, a town near the Taveuni airport, there are no elaborate establishments in the island. So you can look forward to island living at its simplest best.

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