Taxilla 400
Taxila, Pakistan
Photo by: omaru , Creative Commons

When the word Pakistan is mentioned, tourists usually think of images of Muslim mosques, exotic South Asian tribes and harsh natural wonders. One of the major things that other people usually forget about Pakistan is that it is part of the Indus Valley, the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. When in Pakistan, you can definitely revive the splendor of the ancient era by taking a visit to one of its most well-preserved antique towns, Taxila.

Any tourist who wants to bask in rich ancient histories will find Taxila interesting. This area, which has been awarded the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, should awaken the history nut in all of us. This ancient site is 35 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Islamabad. During ancient times, this town was famed for its philosophy and art. Nowadays, tourists flock to the area for its well-preserved structures. Archeologists from other countries go to Taxila to conduct some research on Indus civilization. This area is renowned for sculptures of the Gandhara type. Central Asians are also common in the area as there is a deep Buddhist tradition in Taxila. The fusion of Buddism, Islam, and olden cultures make the area rare, unique and enchanting.

Some things that are sure tourists attractions are two imposing monuments – that of Ashoka and Alexander, both of which date as far as 327 BC. There are also some interesting monuments from the Mauryan era. There are Pakistan packages that include tours to Taxila, which is sure to create a lot of great memories. Amaze at the grand ruins of the Dharmarajika stupa, the monastery in the area of Jaulian, and the monastery located in Mohra Muradu. Of course, a visit to the Taxila Museum is a must. There is a nearby hotel run by the national tourist department which is reasonably priced.

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